Western State Bank: Sun City West – Week 1

Aug 22, 2016 | Western State Bank: Sun City West

Central Construction Co. has started the demolition of a medical facility for the new branch location of Western State Bank in Sun City West, Arizona.

As in most remodel projects we are starting with the demolition. After deactivating all the power, water, and mechanical equipment our demolition crews are removing finishes and walls to clear space for the new design.

Since this building was a medical clinic we need to watch out for gas lines that could be highly flammable if not decommissioned properly. We also put many safety practices into effect such as lock out / tag out (LOTO). This is where electrical breakers are locked in the off position and signed by each party working on the system. Everyone’s lock needs to be removed before that circuit can be energized.

After demolition we will be starting the new mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) rough-in and we will be laying out our new interior walls.